Traveling 60

So I’m turning 60 in September and have decided to try and keep track of (at least some) of the many travels I’ve embarked on throughout my life, past, present and future.These travels are physical, intellectual, emotional- and like any good Sufi- keep me connected to the world seen and unseen, as I join other seekers hungry to find peace in constant motion— an adventurous peace, oxymoronic though it seemsWho would have thunk ( yup, get used to my weird word choices!)—a little girl from an average Pakistani Muslim family in lahore would come to the USA to study for her PhD and then continue to be a permanent traveler, in self imposed exile, with all the joys, sorrows, excitements that such a choice entails?Having led a full academic and performative life, I am about to depart for the Balkans in the company of a dear friend and colleague, Dr Shoba Rajgopal with whom my last adventure was a trip to Cuba. I will be presenting some new research at a conference in Belgrade, on queer performance and performativities in Pakistan- and then Shoba n I will take a night train to Podgorica in Montenegro, and from thence by car, meandering through the countryside with stops at a monastery and vineyard or two, to arrive finally at Dubrovnik on the Croatian coastWhat will we learn, see, experience? What does it mean for two desi women from “enemy” countries (Pakistan and India)- to celebrate turning 60 in a part of the world known for its own inter ethic and inter religious wars?Stay tuned!ps the background image is of my friend Ralph’s stunning hillside home in Lebanon where I had an amazing trip last spring- reconnecting with Ralph who I’d know in grad school some 30 years ago (Thnkx to FB!)—was just amazingyou can read about both my travel to Cuba and to Lebanon by searching the archives of

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