So am flipping through a bunch of books on the Balkans I checked out from my local library in Ossining before heading to Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia in two more days…. yay!And came across this word id actually never heard before. Apparently the term gained currency when Italians who had been a pretty large percentage of Croatian inhabitants for several centuries-as the Dalmatian coast had been “acquired” by the Venetian Empire from the 1400s till the 1800s–started being forced out by the middle of the 20th C by the Slovenians thanks to the fallout from WW2 and cried, “‘Italia irredenta!”‘ meaning ” unredeemed Italy”‘ Thus was born ” irredentism” — a “disease that plagues Eastern Europe … [where] it’s easy to find bitter people who ‘want land back that was historically ours'” (Francis Tapon, The Hidden Europe, p328). Clearly, Ethnic cleansing has been going on here for a long time. Yet, this has also been a region where many ethnicities, cultures, religions and languages have also Co existed over centuries. History is a strange beast

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