Mr Popovic

So– I don’t know what happened to my previous post but hope this one shows up in my “Balkan Travels” category

searching the net on how to book a train from Belgrade to Dubrovnik, I realized that one can’t do it it! Comments from helpful travelers suggested one contact a Mr Popovic who seemed to me to be some sort of figment of the imagination or else a latter day Hercule Poirot– there was a number for him floating about in these message boards and sure enough he answered! We conversed in French, this monsieur Popovic and I- and after congratulating me on my persistence, he took my cc info and has purchased two sleeper berth tix for Shoba n me. We will arrive in the wee hours of the morning at Podgorica ( capital of mo tenegro)  after crossing the Balkan mountain range, then depart via car to Dubrovnik stopping en route some monastries/ vineyards

will this be our orient express adventure? Which occidental stereotypes will be murdered? Can’t wait to meet this agatha Christie creation who is supposed to deliver our train tix in person after we reach Belgrade!

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