It’s been fascinating….

So— Shobs n I are on our orient express which shortly after leaving Belgrade station (topcider)– seems stuck in a nearby stop with the conductors running up n down examine the wheels w torch lights etc– ha ha quite an adventure already! We have a room w two tiny bunk beds and a sink and I feel I’m in Babylon Berlin in a train that truly is out of the 1920s!!’n Presenting my new work on Queer Performativities at the International Federation of Theatre Research was great and got a very good responseTonite before leaving we also attended a protest of Women in Black commemorating the 24th anniversary of the massacre of Muslims by Serbs at Srebrenica with posters held aloft saying: “Admit responsibility”– would in Pakistan we did that to apologize to our East Pakistani brethren on an annual basis! Anyhow- so much to report but hurts go see the sights passing by our cabin window…. we are surrounded by passengers who are all white- we are the only brown women and from so far away! People seem intrigued and pleased when we tell them we are from Pakistan and India respectively More later…. oh yes also visited Tito’s mausoleum today

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