A day in paradise…

We really lucked out with our guide/friend Tomislav who offered to spend the day yesterday with us taking us to some off the beaten tracks spots just outside Dubrovnik where one avoids the tourist hordes being disgorged by the huge cruise ships We started off with a delish breakfast of crepes soaked in wine and a Croatian Cappucino for me at his friend (another Tomislav!) restaurant perched on the azure sea down the road from where Shobs n I r staying in a delightful flat with a sea view of the same gloriously shimmering turquoise waters ….From there we drive into the countryside to salt slats in alongside a medieval fortress town called Stone where Tomi treated us to some ice cold beer in a picturesque town square. From there we drive to an oyster shack right on the sea after a trip to a vineyard where we tasted some local wine– and I ate 20 oysters caught even as we sat there– that’s how fresh they were! Out of this world and even got Shoba to try one! Then we drove to a nearby spot to jump off into the sea and enjoy a refreshing swim as we soaked in the most incredible scenery- water, sun, mountains in the distance…. just perfect! The drive back along the Dalmatian coast is one you just can’t tire of… what a great job Tomi has, spending his days hanging out with cool 😎 tourists like us in paradise! We invited him to join us for dinner at the Levantan (his friend’s magically situated restaurant-Mamma Mia all the way!)–after we took a quick shower and both Shoba n I hanged into our black dresses… and enjoyed signature gin n tonics mixed with great flair at our table… followed by an incredibly delicious dinner of quick fried rocket salad (fresh from their garden) topped with mozzarella, steak for our meat lover new friend and fresh grilled sea bass and veggies for Shoba n me… with sift Buddhabar music playing in the background and the Adriatic stretching out into a pink horizon as the sunset settled into night sky dappled with stars ⭐️ that glowed brightly on a clear night… we just couldn’t have felt more content, laughing, exchanging stories about our lives and loves in a shared camaraderie that felt so comfortable and warm… Dubrovnik feeling like a place I know I want to return to….A final stop at the famous cave bar next door where we took some wonderful photos evoking a sense of mystery before calling it a night and getting back for a few laughs and chatting and then turning in for the night to dream in contentment…..

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