The Levanat in Dubrovnik

This is a plug for a fabulous dining experience for those of you contemplating a visit to the jewel of the Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik.

I just got lucky in my choice of an Airbnb apartment that I booked for myself and my travel mate Shoba for our 3 night stay in Dubrovnik a week ago. It turned out to be a lovely location ( the apartment itself also extremely charming, atop a lane overlooking the Adriatic with spectacular views from the balcony and windows)–and our driver/guide who’d brought us down from Podgorica introduced us to this restaurant belonging to his namesake and friend, Tomislav Levanat.

The restaurant was located a short walking distance from our apartment and the morning after Croatia’s semi final win and wild carousing in the streets to which we were delighted witnesses- our friend Tomi came to pick us and take us to breakfast there.

The restaurant is breathtakingly appointed– multi-tiered seating along a long length of the rocky coastline, shimmering blue water of the Adriatic as far as the eye can see, tables and chairs protected from blazing sun by outgrown boughs where at night soft music plays through speakers hidden in the branches…. yes, we first had a delicious breakfast of fruit filled crepes covered in chantilly cream (well, I did and the calories be damned!)– accompanied by piping hot coffee also very good, as I found that Croatians really do like their coffee and it’s good, strong but not at all bitter. And then- we booked a table right next to the water for dinner later that evening.

Tomi our driver-guide-friend, introduced us to Tomi the son of the owner of the Levanat who charmed us by calling us “My ladies”– despite being feminists, we found such an appellation charmingly quaint and weren’t in the least bit offended; I guess Desi feminists don’t take offense at being called “ladies”!!!

The food at dinner was excellent though not inexpensive. Still- for 3 alcoholic beverages, a couple of appetizers and 3 entrees, 200$ was hardly outrageous esp given the surroundings. The home grown rocket salad sautéed to a crisp and served with shaved Parmesan was a delicious starter and the fresh branzino grilled simply with lemon and rock salt was super yummy too… with a side of baby potatoes and assorted veggies, it sealed the deal! Shoba and I had ordered the branzino for two- as a vegetarian, this was her once-a-year fish treat to herself; and Tomi ordered a steak which I tasted and it was also very good.

But the signature gin and tonics, prepared right at your table with a myriad choices of gin, some with hints of rosemary (what I chose)–were a fun treat to observe being mixed, with many flamboyant flourishes including the use of a long twirly golden sizzle stick… such fun to watch and then to enjoy drinking, with the most romantic backdrop of a pink sunset against an azure sea

I highly recommend the experience!

If you go- wish Tomislav Levanat a big hello from the “ladies”!!!

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