Link to a Friday Times piece…

Going through some writings I’ve published over the last couple of years, I came across this piece I wrote for one of Pakistan’s best-known weeklies called The Friday Times, published from my birth city of Lahore.

I include a link to it in my blog because I see how the events I report on during my 3 month stay in Lahore in spring of 2018, are being approached and understood by me through the methodological prism I’m calling “traveling feminista”

Subjects and objects blur into a heuristic whole; travelingfeminista is no longer me, it’s a vision of an us that could be the better parts of youmeitthem knit together, moving toward a more hopeful futurity.

As my description of the women’s march, workers struggles, and Lahore’s first art biennale in 2018 attest, the spaces we inhabit are riven with class and gender and so many other forms of hierarchical differentiation, which some of inhabit uneasily, but inhabit we do.

What seems to be required, at the very least- what I’m suggesting (to myself perhaps most of all)–is to make of such privileged habitation an unheimlich space. And in doing so, to bring my powers of witness to bear upon the stitching together of unravelled and unravelling edges of our social fabric so that we might be able to glimpse what co-habitation might look like.

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