Photo Gallery: Montenegro to Dubrovnik and Game of Thrones!

Here are some photos of our wild and wonderful travels through the Balkans !

The one immediately below is in memoriam to dear colleague and friend Hazem Azmy (seated on my right) who passed away unexpectedly during the IFTR congress in Belgrade a few days after this picture was taken; I have only just heard the news upon my return to the USA. RIP Hazem- your important services to the cause of Arabic theatre and democracy will be remembered and cherished

The remaining photos recall some of the more enjoyable highlights of our trip including our train trip from Belgrade to Podgorica ( capital of Montenegro$-and thence through our fun frolics via the coastal town of Montenegro and on to Dubrovnik

Don’t miss our Game of Thrones pics! It’s quite an industry in Dubrovnik- as a huge fan of the series, I had to do the tour and also get to Lokrum island and sit on the Iron Throne 😂!!!!